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Tips to identify original or fake visa of CANADA

Here are few key tips to identify whether your Canada visa is original or not.

Tips to differentiate between Original and Fake Canada visa


The Canadian visa is an official document of the Canadian government. The fake agents often copy the style and design of original visa to trick the applicants.

Here are key tips to find out whether or not your visa is real or genuine.

Improper font:

The font in the original visa is same all over the visa with no uneven letters printed. However, in the fake visa you will see uneven font and letters all over.

Error in French words:

The duplicate visa makers obviously won’t have expertise to copy everything. Hence, you will often find mistakes in some key places. On original Canadian visa, French words are also used for reference along with English, as French is also the official language in Canada. In fake visa, the French words are not printed properly. For instance, in fake visa, there is an error in Document No. printed in French as well as in English.

Water Marked surname:

In the original Visa, the printed word ‘Surname’ on the visa, overrides the watermarked surname (e.g. ‘PYAKUREL’) of an applicant. However, in the duplicate visa, this watermark is over the word ‘Surname’.

Identify title‘Canada’:

In the original Canada visa, on top centre of the visa Title Canada is printed. The spacing below the title ‘Canada’s original visa is very less. On the other hand, in the fake or duplicate visa, you will obverse ample spacing above and below the title ‘Canada’.

If you closely observe the above things in your visa you can make out whether or not your Canadian visa is original.

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