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Ten reasons to Study in New Zealand


Experience a world-class lifestyle. 
New Zealand is considered to be one of the most liveable countries in the world with Auckland and Wellington ranked as the third and 12th most liveable cities in the world. Migrants are pleasantly surprised by the country's relaxed pace of life that leaves plenty of time for leisure and relaxation.


Be confident in your safety. 
New Zealand is a stable country with a low crime rate. Ranked fourth in the world on the Global Peace Index, it's a very safe place to live and


Unforgettable natural beauty.
With pristine beaches, lush rainforests and snowy mountains, New Zealand is world famous for its dramatic, varied and awe-inspiring scenery. We pride ourselves on having '100% Pure' unspoiled natural resources, and even in our largest cities, you're never more than a quick drive from being alone with nature.


You'll love the people.
Kiwis are friendly, welcoming and down-to-earth. Our international students quickly discover that even strangers smile and say hello on the street and are always happy to offer a helping hand.


A land of opportunity.
The New Zealand economy's strength and resiliency have led experts to dub it the 'rock star economy'. With continued job growth projected over the coming years, New Zealand is an outstanding place to build a successful career.



Highly-regarded qualifications.
New Zealand's education system is internationally competitive, with strong quality control and widespread recognition through inter-governmental agreements which make New Zealand qualifications attractive to employers around the world and an asset for graduates building a career anywhere.


An innovative education focused on you.
Education in New Zealand encourages creativity and questioning, teaching students to think critically rather than purely memorise facts.


Supportive immigration policies.
The New Zealand Government values immigration with New Zealand student visa's supporting part-time work while studying and the opportunity to remain in the country to seek work after


Never get bored.
New Zealand is a popular and award-winning tourism destination best known for its outdoor adventures. With numerous opportunities for skiing, bungee jumping, rafting, surfing, hiking, and much more, you'll never run out of fun and exhilarating experiences.


New Zealand embraces diversity.
New Zealand is a bicultural nation that attracts a melting pot of cultures, with over a quarter of its population born abroad. Kiwis are well accustomed to opening their hearts to people from all over the world. 

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