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Studying abroad opens doors to new experiences and exposure to foreign cultures. With that, however, are lessons to be learned. Here are 10 lessons that will help guarantee a most positive studying abroad experience.


1. Anticipate the unexpected
Hope for an adventure while expecting a disaster. It will save you a lot of trouble in the future. You’ll probably be traveling a lot during your time abroad, whether it’s across town or to another country. It’s always good to be prepared — plan ahead and book living arrangements, know the weather, figure out how you are going to get from A to B. If all else fails, make sure to have a plan B, just in case.

2. Trust no one but yourself
I know this might sound a little dark, but it is true. There are people who specifically go for tourists to pickpocket because they make easy targets. Always keep your bags zipped and close to your body.You may encounter some really exciting people in some really exciting places.  Learn from my mistakes!

3. Be respectful
You are in a foreign country and you should respect the local customs — no matter how odd or different they might be to you. The last thing you want to do is piss off the locals in the city you’re going to be spending your valuable time there.

4. Photocopy everything
I mean it. When studying abroad, there are chances to  be stoten or damage of your valuable documents on the journey. It may be the worse condition you might have to face. This would be the best way to safeguard your vauable documents by making  photocopies of my license, passport, academic documents as well.

5. Make sure you have the right adapters and converters for your country
You don’t want to show up without any. A lot of the electronics in the U.S./ Australia require different wattages abroad. Converters will make the plug fit into the socket and an adapter will convert the wattage. Without these, you could ruin your electronics. You can probably buy these when you get to your country but it is always better to plan ahead, especially if you are traveling to a country where they speak a foreign language.

6. “Not all who wander are lost” 
This might sound a little hypocritical since I have been emphasizing the importance of planning ahead, but getting lost is one of the best ways to get to know a new place. Stumbling around can lead you to some of the most exciting and unexpected places. But always have a map with you just in case you forget how to go home.

7. Less is more (except when it comes to taking pictures)
Living in a foreign country can be expensive, especially with the change in currency. There are tons of ways to save money without having to sacrifice experiences. Keep an eye out for discounts. Many restaurants and venues have student concessions, which offer students discounts of up to 60 percent. Another good way to save is to minimize what you bring. You may think you need eight pairs of shoes, but trust me, you really don’t. When it comes to traveling, you will repeat the most comfortable and easy-to-wear pieces and those cute heels you brought will stay in the suitcase. However, when it comes to documenting the experience, there is no limit on how many pictures you can take. 

8. Eat!
If the college credit, lifelong memories and the ability to travel aren’t enough reasons to go, then do it for the food. You are in a foreign country and so things are going to be a bit different — especially the food. But don’t let that hold you back, try everything. You will never find more authentic Italian food than in Italy.

9. Don’t be afraid to be a tourist
For many people, studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so there are understandably a ton of things to see and do. Some people may brush off the idea of doing “touristy” things, but in reality, this may be your only chance to do it. You are living in an amazing foreign country, so why not take advantage of what it has to offer?

10. See, don’t just look
This may be the most important thing to learn abroad. Too often, people get caught up in the excitement of studying abroad that they forget to stop and take everything in. It is easy to get overwhelmed with whatever it is you are doing. Stop every so often and just look around, remember this exact moment and appreciate just how lucky you are to have this experience. It is all too fleeting.

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